Bringing Smiles to the World

Advanced Dental Artistry as been working with Rotary Club, and Roscoe Thai Projects annually since 2007. This has involved the funding of six buildings including classrooms, a kindergarden, toilet block and a canteen in 2012.
We have provided dental care to the students of the Chiang Saen and Chiang Rai districts and remote Cambodian villages since 2007. As well as supporting orphanages in Chiang Ray and in Myanmar.
We are grateful to have this opportunity to assist these communities and help provide better facilities to assist in their education. Education empowers children to reach their fullest potential and secure a brighter future. Many children in the rural areas of Thailand attend schools where crowed, dark and drab classrooms are missing the basics: paper, pencils and books. Our contribution helps give them the atmosphere and supplies they need for a better education and chance at a brighter future.

Kat Family – ROOM FOR DREAMS Project – Chiang Rai 2007

Five young boys are the reason we built “BAAN NAI FAN” or “ROOM FOR DREAMS”.

These young boys, ages ranging 7-12 were staying in an abandoned pig sty behind their school, from Sunday night to Friday so that they could go to school. Their homes were in villages that were 3-4 hours walk away, and with roads so bad, there were no other alternatives for transport to school except by foot. Due to the long distances that they could not cover every day, they brought with them food from home for a week and spent the week at the pig sty. The big boys looked after the little ones.

What we built was a basic dormitory, so that they could have a roof over their heads, and a clean floor to sleep and play on. We managed to put in electricity and a fan, which is a real luxury for them. There is ample room for the 5 boys, but also room for many more children who actually do not have the means to go to school because of the distance they have to travel. Now this gives many more kids the opportunity to have an education.

We called the dormitory “ROOM FOR DREAMS” because not only does it provide a safe place for rest, but we want these children who use this room to have big dreams. Dreams for success, happiness, abundance, which now with an education behind them they can fulfill these dreams.

We, as a family, only dream to can make a difference to others. Our projects with the children of Chiang Rai have helped us fulfill our dreams. We are blessed to have a job that not only allow us to change the lives of our patients, but enables us to do dream projects like these.

Adrian and Vicky Kat