A cosmetic dentist Perth is a registered and medical professional governed under the laws of the Australian Dental Association, Inc. Cosmetic dentistry on the other hand refers to any dental procedure or dental work that improves the appearance of an individual’s, gums, teeth and bite. A cosmetic dentist Perth can perform a variety of procedures to improve the looks, aesthetics and dental health of an individual. There are different procedures to treat discolored, misshapen, chipped or missing teeth. The cosmetic dentist Perth can reshape, restore worn out teeth, close spaces and alter the length of an individual’s teeth. Some of these dental professionals have expanded their knowledge to include treatment for temporomandibular joint syndrome or TMJ. They continue their education by taking courses and seminars in and out of the country to keep them updated with the latest technology and techniques for treatments in clinical dentistry. As stated above, the improvements are not just aesthetics; many of the procedures can improve bite and other oral problems.

Common procedures for cosmetic dental work are:

1. Bleaching/teeth whitening – this is a chemical process that can be done at home and in-office visits. Discoloration occurs in the enamel. The primary causes are food and drinks such as coffee, wine, curry and tea. It can also be hereditary or through age. Treatment will depend of an individual’s teeth discoloration. The dentist will give an assessment and advise the best treatment for such cases.
2. Veneers – are pieces of plastic, porcelain or composite enamel colored shells that are custom made and cemented to the front of the tooth. It is used for heavily discolored teeth, chipped, unevenly spaced and slightly crooked teeth.
3. Bonding – is an enamel colored material used to fill gaps of the teeth. It’s also used to fill small cavities and chipped teeth. This usually requires a single visit depending on the condition of a patient’s tooth. The bond lasts several years.
4. Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) – recent advancement in dentistry now includes treatments for TMJ. TMJ is a chronic pain in the muscles of mastication and inflammation of the temporomandibular joint that connect the skull and mandible. Symptoms for TMJ includes biting or chewing difficulty, popping or grating sound when opening or closing the mouth, headaches, blinking, jaw pain, reduce ability to open or close the mouth, neck and shoulder pain and migraine. Some of the treatments include splinting and restoration of the surface of the teeth.

There is no question that cosmetic dentistry is on the rise. Not everyone is gifted or born with a good set of teeth. A cosmetic dentist Perth is equipped with the right tools and knows how to keep up with the times and treat oral disorders. Modern dentistry has evolved through the times and developed treatments for everyone to get the best oral health and improve a person’s general well being.