I don't like the shape of my teeth

The natural shape of your teeth isn’t something you have much control over so even though you may work really hard to look after them and keep them in great condition you still might not be happy with your smile?

You may just have a small number of teeth you are unhappy with or you may want to change your whole mouth? Porcelain veneers is a brilliant way to create a smile you will love. You can choose the size, shape and colour of the teeth you wish you change resulting in the perfect smile you always wanted.
While choosing veneers, we will always encourage you to take the shape of your face, your complexion and your smile line into consideration to ensure your end result suits you perfectly.
You may even have a celebrity smile that you love and would like to take some ideas from? We love to get as much input as possible from our patients to make sure nothing is missed when designing their perfect smile.

Many of our clients come to see us with evidence of grinding, which has gradually changed the shape of the natural teeth and is slowly worsening. We can help to rebuild the lost tooth, return the teeth to a great shape and give preventative methods to protect the teeth from further damage in the future.

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