I have missing teeth

For both functional and cosmetic reasons, a missing tooth can be an uncomfortable thing to tolerate. So we want you to know that there are a variety of options available to fill the gap! In some cases, the tooth can be replaced with a new tooth in the form of a Dental Implant. An implant looks and functions just the same as a real tooth. It is a long term solution, and can be placed anywhere in the mouth either as a biting tooth at the back of the mouth or at the front of the mouth to make your smile complete again.

Porcelain bridges may also be an option if the missing tooth (or teeth) has a sound tooth on either side for support. Traditionally, dentures, partial dentures and plates have been used to replace missing teeth and in some clients this is still a great option.

Technology has changed in all aspects of dental treatment and we now have the ability to replace missing teeth with prosthetics that are both lifelike and beautiful as well as fully functional.

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