My cosmetics need to be updated

Do you feel your old dental or cosmetic treatment is no longer at its best? Your teeth have looked fantastic for years but not many cosmetic options last forever. So maybe the time has come to think about updating or replacing your porcelain teeth and return to that new fresh smile you once had?

Some common problems associated with old treatment can be gum recession, dark lines showing around old crowns or some darkening at the roots of the teeth but with the latest advances in modern dentistry, these can all now be a thing of the past.

Our cosmetic dental treatment is “Totally Metal-Free” and with specific masking and blending technology in our porcelain treatment we can achieve ultimate colour perfection which blends perfectly to create a beautiful, natural result.

Even if your cosmetic treatment is not that old, we often have clients that say that their previous cosmetics “did not quite look right’” or“it just does not suit me!”. By listening to and talking to our clients we can ensure a perfect outcome and by using our “trial smile” technology you get to trial your new smile before the final porcelain treatment is completed.

Our highly trained team together with the latest technology will guarantee to bring your smile back up to date.

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