My teeth are crowded or crooked

You may noticing that as well as disliking the aesthetics of your teeth, you also have some functional problems too? Over crowded and crooked teeth cause an unusual bite, leading to secondary discomfort in the head and neck, and they can also be difficult to clean and floss, causing higher risk of plaque build-up and decay.

Perfect alignment is achievable using a variety of methods. We offer porcelain, veneers, which can adjust the position, colour and shape of the teeth to create a beautiful smile in a short time and just a handful of visits. With Porcelain veneers our clients have a lot of input in the design of their new smile so for those who are particular about what they want, or who would like the best possible cosmetic result this is a great option.
We also offer the option of traditional orthodontic treatment (metal or ceramic braces) to move teeth into the correct position, which is a fantastic, conservative option for those who want a great result and aren’t short for time.

There is also a clear, removable appliance called Invisalign. Invisalign is perfect for clients who are happy with the shape of their natural teeth but would like them to be moved into the correct alignment without having to wear fixed traditional braces. Invisalign has a similar completion time to traditional braces but are almost completely invisible and extremely comfortable to wear. They are entirely removable therefore also very hygienic.


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