Smile Design

Does your smile need to be “movie star perfect” to be attractive? Some people think so. Others don’t. At our dental practice, we believe that when it comes to the appearance of your teeth, the most important thing is that you feel confident about your smile, which is why the smile design stage is so crucial and you are involved in every stage of the decision making in designing your dream smile.

Depending on whether you want a whole new look or incorporate elements of your old smile, with the guidance of your dentist you should be a big part of choosing your new smile. There are so many different options to the styling of your smile to create the look that you want to portray.

  1. What SHAPES do you want your teeth? For example, more masculine smiles usually have squarer angles while feminine teeth are more rounded on the corners. Mature smiles are flatter while young smiles have more contour and different shapes. Your dentist should show you all the different shapes and styles that they can remodel your smile.
  2. The LAW OF GOLDEN PROPORTION in nature is also true for your smile. The dentist should be able to take measurements of your facial and teeth proportions to work out the right size and length if teeth for you.
  3. They should also look at the frame of your smile, that is, your lips, and your gums. Are your gum heights symmetrical from one side to the other?

Note in this example the gum heights are asymmetrical from one side to the other, the teeth are at different heights. 5. Does your smile slope one way or another?

This smile cants towards the patient’s left.

With these temporary crowns on, we can see if the cant is corrected before they are commited to the final porcelain restorations.

This smile cants down toward the patient’s left too. There are also asymmetrical gum heights.

In this case we only did the front 4 damaged teeth with new crowns, one side crown with the black margins, corrected gum heights with laser, and bleaching of the dark canine teeth.

6. Does your midline of your smile line up with the midlines of your face?

7. Does the shape of your smile follow your lower lip smile line?

This smile has a reverse smile line. The shape of the smile is in a “frown” rather than turning upwards.

8. How many teeth do you show in your smile?

Stephen only shows the six front teeth when he smiles.

Lisa shows a whole heap more!

Generally for the ideal smile, you need to treat as many teeth as the lips show, otherwise you may get compromised results.

He has the social 6 teeth white and proportional while the back teeth are small, and a different colour.

9.Do you have a wide smile or a narrow smile?

This reflects how wide or narrow your jaw is. Jaw expansion is possible to widen the smile with systems like Invisalign. We can also build wider smiles with veneers placed on the cheek side of teeth to build them out toward the cheek.

This patient has a much narrower upper jaw than her lower jaw. As a result we don’t see as much tooth on the top as on the bottom.

10. Do you show adequate tooth length at smile and at rest?

This patient does not really show any top teeth at rest as the teeth are worn down. As we age we also tend to show more top teeth then bottom teeth. To regain youthfulness, we try to rebuild some length back in to the top teeth so that more teeth show at rest and at smiling.

11.Are you too gummy?
Consider Laser recontouring to reduce gumminess and improve gum symmetry.